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As I want people to keep re-visiting this site I intend regularly updating and adding to the content, however, I am always grateful for a little help so please feel free to email me with any hints, tips, shortcuts or general ideas and these will be added.

Although not listed here, additional information, hints and tips etc., as well as updates to existing information are regularly added to the site.

Recent major updates are as follows:-

9th March, 2014

Musichall  Left hand side of a piano accordion explained.
  PRIMARY CHORDS the nuts and bolts of harmony, guitar playing and accordion buttons.

18th February, 2014

Workshop General Knitting Hints and Tips

17th January, 2014

Utility Room Ways to organise your everyday life to make things easier.

18th November, 2013

Library Notable dates 2014
  Seasons, BST and moonphases 2014

11th November, 2013

Spareroom Christmas tree decorations from around the world.

8th August, 2013

Workshop How to trace or enlarge an image without using software.

20th June, 2013

Garden Five steps to a bird friendly garden

17th May, 2013

Spareroom Fashion tips for the larger man.

19th March, 2013

Office Pencils - The forgotten Victorian gems - everything you need to know about antique silver pencils and dip pens and leads.

15th January, 2013

Utility room Tips for solving hard water and limescale problems.

27th November, 2012

Garage How to defrost your car and tackle driving on icy roads.
Workshop How to deal with frozen and split pipes in your home.

22nd November, 2012

Library Notable dates and bank holidays in 2013
  Seasons, BST and Moon Phases in 2013

31st October, 2012

Spareroom Top tips for keeping warm

9th October, 2012

Utilityroom How to find the right leather cleaner.
  How to protect leather furniture during winter.

28th September, 2012

Spareroom Explanation and names given to the cut and shape of diamonds.

21st August, 2012

Garden Clearing a neglected or overgrown garden.

15th August, 2012

Spareroom How to dress a window with a sloping top.

2nd August, 2012

Workshop How to prepare a room before redecorating.

4th July, 2012

Garage How to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car.

2nd July, 2012

Office How to save energy costs by using air con effectively.

25th June, 2012

Games Room Small sided football rules - 5-aside, 6-aside, 7-aside.

20th June, 2012

Garage How to repair and maintain automatic garage doors.

13th June, 2012

Spareroom How to read gas and electricity meters.
Garden Different types of garden seating and where they should be sited.

9th May, 2012

Kitchen How to utilise and implement the work triangle within kitchen design.

27th April, 2012

Garden Gardening tips for late Spring and Early Summer

10th April, 2012

Office Laptop Security - ways to prevent your laptop and/or data being stolen.
Garage Don't lose your driver's licence - what you can do if you are facing a driving offence.

26th March, 2012

Livingroom Having switched energy supplier here are ten more unusual ways to save both money and energy.

13th February, 2012

Office Five ways to save money on home insurance.

25th January, 2012

Utilityroom How to wash personalised T-shirts without harming design.

I will be adding new pages on different subjects as time allows, so keep watching or why not join our list to be kept informed of major updates?




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