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In order to be able to follow recipes you have to know what various terms mean;  if you don't it can be very difficult to find explanations - not anymore, here are a few which you may find useful.


Combine two liquids which do not mix e.g. oil and vinegar in a dressing.

EXTRACT (juice)
Separate solid and liquid components of fruit or vegetables by squeezing or pressing.

Cut off piece of raw flesh, extracting skin and bones.

FLAMBÉ (Flame)
Pour small quantities of hot liquid containing alcohol over food and then set alight.

Combine whisked mixtures by cutting and turning with a metal spoon to retain lightness.

To cook in a small amount of fat in an open pan.

Decorate or embellish.

Coat with a thin sugar or syrup.

Coat food to give glossy finish; usually with beaten egg, egg white, milk, syrup, sugar glaze or reduced juices.

Reduce food to small strips by rubbing on a serrated surface.

Cook food under a heat source, with or without the addition of fat.

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